During the PC Gaming Show we were able to be spectators of the first narrative trailer for Mafia: Definitive Edition. It will arrive on August 28.

Take-Two and Hangar 13 reveal the first narrative trailer for the highly anticipated Mafia: Definitive Edition, the remake of the Illusion Softworks classic. After their presentation last May, the companies took advantage of the PC Gaming Show space to show how far the work done by the Americans reaches.

The trailer, which you can see at the head of this piece, offers a mix of unpublished scenes with several of the key moments in the history of Tommy Angelo. The footage does not correspond to the gameplay, that is, it is the way in which the narrative sections unfold, which are visually reminiscent of the Mafia 3 engine, but improved.

Mafia: Definitive Edition is part of the Mafia trilogy, whose second and third installments are now available in their final edition. Specifically, Mafia 2 is a remastered version for current consoles and PCs, in which we can see Vito Scaletta’s adventure along with all its downloadable content, in addition to the visual boost that a ten-year-old title required. You can read our review here. On the other hand, the definitive edition of Mafia 3 only offers free three additional expansions.

Mafia remains “a major franchise” for Take Two

These were the words of Karl Slatoff, CEO of Take Two, before the return of one of the most beloved brands by his followers. Back in 2016, it was reported that the third installment had reached seven million copies sold, something that deserves to be celebrated. “From the point of view of the opportunity that Mafia is, it has been an incredibly successful franchise for us for as long as they comprise all three titles,” said Slatoff.

The president himself praised the work done with the first installment, a remake made from scratch: “The final edition of Mafia will be basically redone. It will not be a complete remake, but there will be new technology, new voice acting, new mechanics and many other new features. There is a lot of work behind the relaunch of this trilogy, “he concluded.

Mafia: Definitive Edition will arrive on August 28 on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Google Stadia.


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