Come and see the magnificent car collection of Tyson Hugie, one of the biggest fans of the Japanese car brand Acura.

Car collections are not something we are new or foreign. Until this time, we have witnessed many car collections, from affordable ones to those with extremely expensive models, and most of these collections were usually models of a single brand.

Whether you call it a fanatic love for that brand or describe it as a big interest in the brand, but let’s point out that this is something to be respected in many ways. For example, do you remember the man who owns the collection of 114 Volkswagen Golf vehicles?

Here is ‘s Acura gallery:

So how far can you take your love for a car brand? A man named Tyson Hugie, who lives in the state of Arizona, USA, is a huge Acura fan. Hugie has so much love and admiration for the brand that he has turned part of his home into Acura’s auto showroom in the 1990s. As you can see from the video we share below, we recommend you to visit the latest Acura gallery of Hugie’s models of the Japanese car brand with a time capsule flavor.

Of course, collecting cars is not easy for our country, given the incredible increase in car prices. While it is very difficult to find every vehicle belonging to a brand properly, we also see that it is a bit expensive hobby considering the expenses you will make to obtain them.


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