Reno5 and Reno5 Lite models in OPPO’s Reno5 Series will help you take the best quality and funniest photos and make a difference in your social media on World Selfie Day with their superior camera features.

It is possible to take very funny selfies with the Reno5 model, which has a high resolution of 44 MP on the front camera. The Reno5 model, which allows you to take portrait photos and portraits supported by artificial intelligence, allows you to take the best selfies even in low-light environments with its Night Mode feature. The front camera of the Reno5 model, where you can shoot videos as well as photos, also offers you options such as slow motion and time-lapse shooting.

The front-facing 32MP camera of the Reno5 Lite allows you to take perfect portraits, while the selfie beautification feature automatically corrects imperfections, does not distort the skin texture, and provides clearer and brighter photos by adjusting the user’s skin tone. With the Reno5 Lite’s front camera, you can also shoot time-lapse videos.

Reno5 Series, which comes with very successful features for those who love to take selfies, offers a new way to capture two perspectives at once. The Dual Video Video feature can record from both the front and rear cameras simultaneously. While shooting around you with the rear camera, you can see the moment when the front camera immortalizes the excitement on your face on a single screen.


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