Those of Mountain View integrate the presentations in Meets including them in their mosaic mode.

Google Meets is one of the most fashionable applications to communicate with a group of people. Having the office possibilities that the Mountain View firm offers you is very simple and it all starts with having a Gmail account. The firm thinks that it can still improve its benefits even more and to make it more professional, it has launched its new presentation mode for all users.

Better integrated presentations in Google Meets

One of the tools used in all companies is the slide shows. Surely you have had to use one at some point, but if it is not the case, they are office applications that serve to accompany the speech you give to a room. But right now it is necessary to use a video conferencing application from which you can communicate with the people you want to contact.

Google Meet serves this purpose and is also most useful since it allows up to a maximum of 1,000 people in the same room. But the American firm has seen that this service can still improve and much to give another experience to its users with the new integration of the slides in the call.

What is this great improvement? as a very simple one destined to divide the call of the presentation. When it comes to a group video call, users are the center of attention, but when it comes to a presentation, the protagonist is another. To be more exact, Google Meets now prioritizes a presentation on the center screen. In this way, everyone has the slides in front of them and they can be easily followed. However, users will stay at the bottom on small screens to see them at all times.

Free Google Meet Presentations

As you know, Google Meet is a function that is available to all users and also to the beneficiaries of the G Suite, Google’s online office suite. However, this improvement of launching presentations in the same video call is a feature that will be present for all users.

This is what the Google post tells, although it is necessary to highlight that the users of the G Suite will have access to more professional tools for a more specific use, although as we tell you, the function is available to everyone.


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