According to the new report published by Malwarebytes, the malware threat for Mac users continues to increase gradually.

According to Malwarebytes’ report, although digital threats in 2020 posed less of an issue for Mac users, adware continues to pose more threats than malware such as malware.

The Mac platform is considered a more secure computing platform than Windows and Android, depending on how Apple manages apps and security. In the report published by Malwarebytes on malware threats detected by users in 2020, we can say that this is true.

According to the data in the report, the number of threats detected by Mac users in 2019 was 120 million, while in 2020 this number dropped to 75 million, which means an annual decrease of 38%. For comparison, it is possible to say that Windows users detected 111 million threats in 2020, and this platform also experienced a 12% decrease compared to 125 million in 2019.

While the perception of millions may sound scary, only a tiny fraction of Mac threats are malware. The vast majority of threat detections stem from “Potentially Unwanted Programs” (PUPs) and adware. Overall, PUPs accounted for more than 76% of Mac threats in 2020, while Adware accounted for around 22%.

Malware threat increased by 61%
Malware made up only 1.5% of total Mac threats. While small, Malwarebytes claims that malware detection on the Mac increased by more than 61% in 2020. Many of these detections were considered “suspicious behavior” such as attempts to run complex Python or a shell code as a permanent operation.

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In second place is OSX.FakeFileOpener, a malware that hijacks macOS’s system that determines which application should open which file.

In third place are malware such as OSX.ThiefQuest or EvilQuest that starts encrypting files after they are installed and works like ransomware.


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