Security software firm Malwarebytes; SolarWinds announced that he was attacked by the hacker group he thought was behind the cyber attack. Some correspondence was seized.

The repercussions of the cyber attack that managed to reach hundreds of large and small technology companies and federal institutions by infiltrating the update of the SolarWinds software continue. There are companies that have just realized that unauthorized access has been provided for a long time. Security software firm Malwarebytes is one of them.

Malwarebytes is also a victim
Malwarebytes announced in a statement that state-sponsored hackers who took part in the SolarWinds attack also infiltrated their own servers and seized some email communications within the company. In deep investigations, it was understood that unauthorized access to authorities was out of question.

The interesting part is that SolarWinds software is not used on Malwarebytes servers. A cyber attack was found after suspicious activity detected by a third-party application associated with Office 365. Microsoft Security Response Center issued the warning in the middle of last month. Interestingly, this company doesn’t use Microsoft Azure either.

Since the attack techniques are the same, the perpetrators of the SolarWinds attack and the Malwarebytes attack are considered to be the same. However, despite the lack of SolarWinds software, it is a matter of curiosity how the attackers penetrate. Moreover, Malwarebytes security software is installed on numerous computer systems. This situation seems to bring new discussions with it.


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