LG’s Smart Home Assistant Application LG ThinQ creates a new lifestyle by connecting LG branded smart devices in the home, enabling remote management of home appliances and adding convenience to users’ lives.

Consumers who now spend more time at home can experience an effortless and fun life with the advantages of LG ThinQ.
The whole world has been closed to their homes due to the pandemic for nearly a year. Even those who have to go out for work or other reasons make their way home as soon as they complete their work. The new world order has brought homes, which are already our main living centers, to an even more important position. Our homes have now become entertainment and experience centers, learning spaces, as well as our need for protection and shelter. Of course, while all this was happening, the workload at home increased … While cooking, trying to keep the house clean and at the same time to see if the washing machine program is over, the situation has become unmanageable from time to time … LG’s mobile application LG ThinQ It gives users more time to devote to themselves by providing remote access to all household affairs to enjoy the moment to the fullest. Go wherever users go, ThinQ comes with an intuitive interface and smart features to enhance life at home.

All Devices From Dishwasher to Air Conditioner are Under Control
It brings unprecedented convenience to consumers’ lives by connecting LG’s ThinQ-powered AI devices with Wi-Fi connected devices. It covers many LG products, including washing machines, dishwashers, dryers, air conditioners, air purifiers, TVs and refrigerators. Thanks to the application, users can remotely turn on, turn off, start, stop or change their ThinQ devices.

Users can see how long the washing machine, dryer or dishwasher has to complete their program from the LG ThinQ app on their phones before they can get up from their seat or are out of the home, and can set the application to notify them as soon as the job is finished. Thus, users have much more free time to relax or have fun.

The application can also be used to download new and special programs for washing machines and dryers or to benefit from Proactive Customer Service. The AI-based customer service solution also provides useful tips and recommendations to keep each device in top condition, taking advantage of device status and usage preferences. It even offers one-to-one customer support to perform simple maintenance from home.

Consumers who want to experience the LG ThinQ application can try the application in the ThinQ experience area available at LG Brand Shops and witness the features that will make life easier.

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