The new Naughty Dog game is here, and which much of the criticism (us included) has described as the last great game of the Playstation 4 era (with the permission of ‘Ghost of Tsushima’). The reviews have been unanimously positive, and although a few have found buts in its development and focus, the truth is that the praises have happened without rest. Now it is the turn of the players to comment on whether it lives up to its revered precedent.

We will provide you with comments with spoilers, but at the moment we do not want to screw up the gaming experience for anyone. And yet, even without spoilers, there are things to tell about a game of such length and depth. And we have the proof in the form of this list of ingredients from ‘The Last of Us Part 2’ that (almost) nobody has told you. Take the bow and arrows and go up, we will take you.

You don’t know anything about the middle of the game

That’s right: the embargo that has gripped all of the journalists in the world has prevented us from telling no less than the entire second half of the game, and it is a half that is going to cause controversy and discussion. We are not going to reveal much more to you, just that you have already heard that the story of ‘The Last of Us Part 2’ is Ellie’s fall into a pit of darkness. That does not change, but perhaps how you think they tell you. Remember: as much as you know, you won’t know everything until you play it.

It is even more violent than you expect

It is the most commented element of this installment: the extreme violence of its images and its execution sequences. There are a couple of factors that increase the intensity of this violence compared to the first game. On the one hand, technological improvement, which allows each execution to be different depending on the environment, the weapon used, the position from which the enemy is attacked: executing from behind a car is not the same as executing it in an open space. That makes it impossible to disconnect from the intensity of the game, there is never a “I’ve already seen this”, each execution feels like a new death.

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And then, of course, there are the graphic subtleties that we will abound below: facial and body pain gestures are absolutely realistic, not only in executions (which sometimes have a perverse beauty not suitable for all stomachs), but also in the movements of a sore Ellie when injured. Small graphic nuances, such as limping and gestures of holding wounds, do much to enhance the violent and dangerous atmosphere that the protagonists live. Again, the hatching of these signs of pain will be seen in the part not revealed to date.

Yes: dog deaths are bad shots

Much has been said about this topic, but possibly until you see yourself in the trance of executing a dog you will not know to what extent it is an unpleasant experience. There has been discussion about whether or not it is necessary, if it would have been convenient to give the option of avoiding these sequences of virtual animal abuse, and it is true that it is a somewhat trivial discussion: when the dogs appear, Ellie is already well immersed in a crusade in the one that human lives do not matter, much less those of dogs.

What they do serve is to promote a plot / emotional turn a while later that gives meaning to so much canine death. So everything acquires a certain logic if you know how to wait, but if your thing is not to kill dogs, you can avoid many of the deaths (not all, there are some dogs that go directly to the jugular) eliminating the enemies that accompany them. That way the animals will be baffled and crybaby and will not attack you. You will see if you prefer the moans of a German shepherd.

The nuances are provided by the secondary characters

They are without a doubt the narrative finding of the game. Some of it was also in the first title, where Ellie and Joel were complementary and enriched. Here the companions (who, from a playable perspective, have similar AI problems and lack of rigor from the first game) are the ones who qualify the fundamentally violent attitudes of the characters that the player controls. The character of Dina – Ellie’s partner that we already know from the promotional videos – and two others who, in the second half, fulfill Ellie’s role in the first game, thanks to her realistic conversations and her attitude with the player enrich the drama.


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