The Mario Golf legend is back after years. Developed for Nintendo Switch, Mario Golf: Super Rush will be indispensable for golf enthusiasts.


Nintendo continues to resurrect legendary sports games from the ashes. The Japanese game giant, which has published Mario Tennis Aces in the past years, has now appeared with Mario Golf: Super Rush. Let’s see what the game, which was developed for Nintendo Switch and came to satisfy golf lovers, offers us.

Mario Golf: Super Rush review

Let’s start our review by stating that the game is not a professional simulation sports game. As you know, Nintendo develops arcade sports games because of their essence and characters. Mario Golf Super Rush is also a game with its own modes and special power-ups for the characters.

The game, which draws attention with its very simple and innovative structure, brings the pleasure to the peak, especially in front of the TV. As you know, Joy-Con entered our lives with Nintendo Switch. These Joy-Cons, which have a motion detection sensor, turn into golf clubs in the game. We can say that the motion sensor, which started with the Nintendo Wii era, was successfully fed into this game.

Nintendo brings new modes to golf to customize the game. You play against 3 opponents in a mode called Speed ​​Golf. The person who gets the ball into the hole the fastest wins this mode. The person with the highest score at the end of the rounds wins the game. You also have special power-ups in this mode. This mode, where you hit the ball and run from one place to another, has a very entertaining structure.

Battle Golf mode offers a similar experience to Speed ​​Golf. But this mod has Bob-omb. In Battle Golf mode, you can find yourself in a completely different place on the golf course as you get the ball right into the hole. It is useful to get the ball into the hole as quickly as possible before Bob-omb explodes. Nintendo loves this event and integrates it nicely into their games. Like the power-ups in the Mario Kart series, this mode will not leave you alone.

The other mode is the golf mode we know. Don’t say I don’t understand golf. Even if you don’t know the rules of golf, you start to enjoy the game after a while. I can say that I remembered the old days with Mario Golf, as someone who got interested in golf with Tiger Woods in his period but then forgot about it. There is also a tutorial mode in the game as in every game. Even if you don’t know golf, this mod explains the game in detail.

In Mario Golf, which has various hitting styles such as spinning after hitting the ball, the story mode is also not overlooked. As in every Mario Golf, there is a Golf Adventure mode in this game. You can start your golf adventure in this mode with your Mii character. As you can imagine, the story modes of this type of sports games are one click behind other productions. Nintendo knows this, too, so it’s enriching the Golf Adventure mode with items to unlock various items and customize the character.

Offering a very enjoyable experience in terms of gameplay, Mario Golf draws attention with the fact that it contains most of the characters in the Mario universe. Presumably, new characters will be included in the game with future updates. Nintendo, which diversifies its golf courses in many ways, will give you a hard time when you open the following sections. Whether you like golf or not, you will enjoy this game, which goes beyond putting the ball into the hole.

The last thing to talk about at Nintendo is graphics. The Japanese game giant, which cares more about entertainment than graphics, manages to offer a satisfying graphic experience even in TV mode. If you are interested in sports games and want to play golf at home with Joy-Cons, we definitely recommend you to give this game a chance.


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