Even Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg uses Signal, not WhatsApp.533 million Facebook users were leaked recently.

This leaked information included Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s phone number, location, marriage details, date of birth and user ID. A security researcher named Dave Walker revealed that Mark Zuckerberg also used a WhatsApp competitor messaging platform called Signal.

According to the security researcher, Zuckerberg uses Signal to protect your privacy. “On another occasion, Mark Zuckerberg also respects his privacy by using a non-Facebook chat app that has end-to-end encryption. This is the number associated with his account in the last Facebook leak. ” says. He also posted himself on Zuckerberg’s Signal profile on Twitter. Of course, it is noteworthy that this news comes out at a time when WhatsApp is already exposed to too much heat.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp will not allow users who do not agree to the new privacy policy to send messages after May 15. In fact, due to this new privacy policy, Signal, Telegram, etc. There was a serious digital migration to alternatives.

Facebook, which Mark Zuckerberg couldn’t even save himself in the data breach, of course, has again been the subject of discussions about security and privacy. It is also clear that even Zuckerberg uses Signal for his privacy.

Signal offers end-to-end encryption so no one else can read your chats. Even Elon Musk had recommended Signal in his tweet, and the number of users of the platform suddenly increased.


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