Elon Musk previously said that Starship will reach space this year. According to reports, July 1 is currently set as the target for the historic mission.

The Starship rocket, developed by SpaceX for interplanetary space travel, will leave behind a very important milestone this year. According to the news in NASASpaceFlight, SpaceX plans to send the Starship system to space for the first time next July.

For Starship’s first orbital flight, July 1 is currently set as the target. The chances of the mission being delayed seem a bit high at this stage, but it can still be said that it is exciting news for space fans that SpaceX is targeting a date as early as July 1 here. It is really impressive that Elon Musk and his team are progressing so fast in a giant project like Starship. Here, on July 1, it has once again demonstrated how serious the company is in this project.

SpaceX has been doing in a few years what NASA couldn’t do in 10 years
SpaceX’s Starship project also proves once again the importance of private investments in space exploration. For example, although the SLS rocket prepared by NASA for the Moon and Mars has been in development for more than 10 years, there is still no clear result in the project. SpaceX, on the other hand, plans to get the Starship rocket ready for space in just a few years.

SpaceX has now completed Starship’s SN11 prototype. The SN11 is scheduled to take off from the SpaceX launch site in Texas this week. After SN11, SN15, SN16 and SN17 prototypes will be launched. After these four missions, there is finally a plan to reach space for the first time with the SN20 prototype rocket.

It is not possible for the Starship ship to reach orbit alone. SpaceX is also preparing a booster rocket named Super Heavy to support Starship. The starship spaceship will be placed on Super Heavy. With these two stages, the total system is planned to be 122 meters long (Starship 50 meters, Super Heavy 72 meters). Starship will have a total of 6 Raptor engines, and Super Heavy will have 28 Raptor engines.

In its first orbital flight scheduled for next summer, the SN20 will be placed on Super Heavy’s prototype BN3. BN1 and BN2 prototypes are also planned to be tested before BN3.

SpaceX has the goal of transporting people to the Moon in 2023 and Mars in 2025, together with the Starship spaceship.


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