Martti Malmi sold 55,000 Bitcoins he had eight years ago. This amount of Bitcoin is worth about $ 1.2 billion today.

Malmi, an early Bitcoin developer who supported the early developments of the cryptocurrency, did not sell his Bitcoin in vain. In fact, he managed to buy a small studio apartment, quit a boring software development job and move to Japan for two months to learn Japanese. But if he had kept his Bitcoin, he could have had a lot more. Malmi said today on Twitter:

In 2011, when Bitcoin price peaked in the $ 15 to $ 30 range, Malmi was able to buy a studio apartment at age 22 without difficulty. Moreover, while in Japan, before a devastating hack attack, the largest crypto exchange at that time, Mr. He managed to visit Gox’s Tokyo office. Then, in 2012, while waiting for his next business opportunity, he had to sell most of the remaining Bitcoin at a worse rate than the previous year. However, although he is not a millionaire now, he has managed to hold some of his Bitcoins to this day. “Since then I have been keeping various amounts of my savings in Bitcoin. This is not much, but it has still made good gains over the years, ”said Malmi, adding that he is pleased with the latest developments.

Besides, Malmi is pleased that his early relationship with Bitcoin played a role in the development of the leading cryptocurrency we see today. Malmi, whose Twitter post attracted great attention, said one of the lessons he took: “You don’t live forever. The pursuit of something bigger than yourself adds meaning to life. ” said that.


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