One Punch Man News: It looks more like a tribute than a blatant robbery


One Punch Man, especially with the anime adaptation of it, made Saitama’s design become recognized in many countries, so it is not uncommon to see related memes or cosplays.

This powerful superhero managed to gain a large number of followers in a short time, and precisely, some of them noticed something that they considered plagiarism on the part of Marvel.

Oddly enough, one of his most recent comics shows a character identical to Saitama from One Punch Man, albeit with different abilities.

All New Humans # 5 made its debut by a character named Jian, whose hero nickname is Spirit Animal.

As his name implies, his main ability is to command animals to help him, but what caught the attention of fans was his appearance.

As you can see, the character on the right is extremely similar to the protagonist of One Punch Man, wearing a yellow suit with red boots and, above all, with a hairless head.

Anime fans were quick to compare him to Saitama, hinting that Marvel had blatantly plagiarized the Japanese hero.

Little by little, Spirit Animal’s appearance went viral and ignited the debate over whether his appearance in the comic was a tribute or a blatant theft of the character’s intellectual property.

One Punch Man’s Saitama isn’t the only anime character to appear in a comic
It’s no wonder that comic book publishers include characters from anime, television, and even real life in their works as a tribute.

There are many examples of this, but long ago DC made reference to Goku and Naruto in one of his works.

Surely it was all a tribute, so we should not be alarmed unless an official claim is made.


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