The movie of Fantastic Four, which has a great importance in Marvel comics, was announced in recent months. Now the studies are starting.

As you know, Disney, which has the broadcast rights of many Marvel characters, has created a beautiful universe for Marvel and has made this universe one of the world’s largest brands. In the past years, Disney bought Fox and bought the broadcasting rights of X-Men and Fantastic Four.

In the past months, the new Fantastic Four movie was officially announced in a presentation by Disney. Only one logo was shared at that time. It was announced that Marvel started working on the Fantastic Four movie. Marvel is currently seeking a screenwriter to write the Fantastic Four movie.

In addition, the actors of the movie are still unclear, but a rumor has been circulating, although it is not very serious recently. It is said that the successful and popular actress Jennifer Lawrence will portray Sue Storm. Of course, this is just a rumor.

Unfortunately, no detail is currently known about the Fantastic Four movie. However, we can say that it is slowly entering the universe. Reed Richards was mentioned in the early episodes of WandaVision.


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