In an interview with Variety magazine, the vice president of Marvel Studios, Victoria Alonso reported that more LGBTQ + characters will come to their productions. Recently in the character series, Loki, it was confirmed that Thor’s brother is canonically bisexual, which opened the door to more representative characters from the community.

In the comics there are already many more characters from the community, however, the Marvel Cinematic Universe barely took its first steps with Loki. Although characters such as Wiccan or Korg have appeared, who in the comics are members of the LGBTQ + community, there has been no mention of their orientation.


These statements by Alonso were given during the premiere of the film Black Widow, which in itself is an achievement for Marvel, since it is the first time we see the character starring in her own film. Taking advantage of the relatively recent revelation about Loki, the reporter, Marc Malkin, asked the vice president if this was a ‘sign of queer things to come’

Faced with the questioning, Victoria Alonso replied: ‘There is much that we have to come that I believe that he will be representative of the world today. We won’t get it right in the first movie or the second movie or the third movie, or the first show or the second show, but we will do our best to try to represent consistently. ‘

Another of Victoria Alonso’s statements seems that it could be directed at the detractors of this representation in Marvel, remember that the revelation of Loki caused the anger of some ‘fans’. On the LGBTQ + characters to come, she said: ‘We will empower those who are. We are not changing anything. We’re just showing the world who these people are, who these characters are. ‘

After Black Widow, we will have the new Marvel series, called What If…? coming to Disney +. Perhaps in these new alternate scenarios we will be able to see more of these relationships and this representation. We’ll see if Victoria Alonso fulfills her promise with the following Marvel projects.


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