Marvel Entertainment announced that the company has stepped into the field of unique tokens (NFTs). The wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company and the popular comic book creator announced that Marvel fans can purchase “official Marvel NFT digital collectibles, digital comics and more.”



According to the official announcement, Marvel has partnered with VeVe, an online marketplace for licensed digital collectibles, to launch a series of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for superhero franchises.

The announcement states that Veve app users can “hunt for rare (and even very rare) NFT comics and collectibles, and showcase their hard-earned collections through fully customizable virtual showrooms.”

NFTs are a major innovation for the unique digital arts and are gaining a lot of attention among creators today. While a number of institutions and brands are already adopting NFTs, which typically help record ownership of digital works on the blockchain, this move by Marvel studios could be a sign that NFT technology has reached maturity.

Marvel is already famous for producing action-packed films featuring superhuman characters, including Captain America, Thor, and Wonder Woman. The NFT characters blueprint will include the creation of rare and even hidden, super rare digital comics, 3D statues and other curious items. There is currently no concrete confirmation as to which characters the duo will showcase as NFT, but the company said it will release more announcements in the near future.

“With VeVe, Marvel is exploring making the Marvel digital collectibles experience as special as the physical experience, and we are excited to finally be able to share this vision with our fans,” said Daniel Fink, Marvel Entertainment’s vice president of business development and strategy.

Interaction with Marvel NFTs will be available through VeVe’s app platform, available on iOS and Android.

You can click here to download VeVe from Google Play and here to download it from AppStore.


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