Starting with Iron Man, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is getting bigger every day. The universe is expanding with the new Marvel series “Legends”, which was announced in the past hours.

With the release of Disney +, Disney, which focuses on Marvel and Star Wars productions, announced a new series and announced the release date.

In the past days, many new trailers for the Marvel universe were shared at Disney’s investors meeting and brand new productions were announced. Among these series, a new one was added recently: Legends. There are not many details at the moment, but the broadcast date of the series is also very close.

The Legends series, which will air on Disney + with its first two episodes on January 8, will focus on a different character’s iconic moments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in each episode. So each episode will focus on a single and different character. The first two episodes of the series will focus on the characters Wanda Maximoff and Vision. So the characters of the upcoming WandaVision series. It is not clear which characters will be in the other episodes and the broadcast schedule of the series.

You can find the sharing about the series below.

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