The game called Viral Days is a production where you apply mask and distance rules to prevent people from infecting each other, and curfew when necessary.

The fact that the pandemic has been in our lives for almost a year has completely changed many things in our lifestyle. Concepts such as masks, social distance and quarantine are among the must-remember applications of this period. Viral Days brought these concepts together in one game.

What does Viral Days offer?
Being the first game that fully reflects the conditions of the pandemic period, Viral Days is based on determining how people should be protected against the coronavirus epidemic. You are trying to keep the epidemic to a minimum by determining strategies.

If you do not prevent people from spreading the virus in the game, which progresses step by step, you will lose. Healthy and infected individuals are beginning to wander within a certain area. You prevent people from coming into contact by wearing masks, quarantine or social distancing.

A large number of characters can be infected due to those who do not wear masks, keep the distance or go out when they should be in quarantine, as it is today. Mask and quarantine moves are limited in the game. A mask stand can also be installed. In this respect, you have to take these into consideration and act strategically.

In the later parts of the game with 3 different difficulty levels, options such as hospitalization of people, declaring a curfew, and arresting those who do not follow the rules are also added. New chapters will be added to the game soon.


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