Mass Effect‘ is one of the most beloved and arguably revolutionary sagas of recent years. Although many did not like its conclusion or ‘Mass Effect: Andromeda‘, there is no denying the impact this series had.

From being one of the first games to let you choose whether you wanted to play as a man or a woman, to its possibilities for romance between characters of the same sex, ‘Mass Effect‘ was a milestone in video games. However, something that failed to materialize in its original release is now a reality thanks to modders and the recent ‘Legendary Edition’ of the trilogy.


If they are fans of ‘Mass Effect‘ they will surely remember Jack, a character from the second installment who went against the stereotypes of femininity. When Bioware created it they had planned to make it pansexual, but in the end they chose not to do it for fear of criticism.

If you do not remember, with the launch of the first ‘Mass Effect‘ a sexual scene that could happen between people of the same sex was included, which caused a great debate and even the Fox News company was talking a lot about this ‘scandal’. This is what made Jack not pansexual in the sequel and that you could only establish an affair with her if you were the male version of the protagonist.

However, thanks to the recent arrival of the ‘Legendary Edition’, which includes the ‘Mass Effect‘ trilogy with all its DLC, and the modders of the PC version, now players have the opportunity to establish a romance with Jack. while playing with FemShep, as the female lead is known.

Although the option of the romance between FemShep and Jack is only available for PC players and not for console players. The fact that this effort has been made to return the pansexuality of this character has made many happy, such as actress Jennifer Hale, who voiced FemShep and Courtenay Taylor.

About this, actress Courtenay Taylor, who voiced Jack in ‘Mass Effect‘, said the following in an interview with GameRant: ‘I think having conversations, discussions and debates about this kind of thing gives us insight, inclusion and familiarity. , because many people do not know and that is where fear and prejudice come from. So keep talking about it. ‘


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