Henry Cavill, who we know with characters like The Witcher and Superman, said that he is on a new secret project, and this project looks like Mass Effect.

You can find the details in our news.

One of the most important series in the game world, Mass Effect, which is published by Electronic Arts and developed by BioWare, may be coming.

Henry Cavill, one of the popular actors of the recent period known for his roles in Witcher and Superman, recently shared a photo on Instagram. In the photograph, she looks like she is wearing make-up and she has a piece of paper in her hand, but the paper is not fully read. Hery Cavill says he is in a secret project in the explanation part.

Of course, the mystery of the paper he was holding only lasted for a few hours online. Sites named GamePressure and IGN sharpened the image using a program called Focus Magic. In the image, there are names we know from the Mass Effect universe: Tuchanka, Shepard, Cerberus and Admiral Daro’Xen.

We can probably say that the Mass Effect series is on the way. Henry Cavill is also in the cast. Although Commander Shepard immediately comes to mind for the role that Henry Cavill will play, let’s not forget the possibility of seeing him in another role.


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