Watching the whale movements, Whale Alert shared data on several glamorous XRP transfers by Huobi, in which more than 600 million cryptocurrencies were moved.



Whale Alert has found that Huobi has been carrying a huge cryptocurrency in the past 17 hours: 610 million XRP tokens.

The total numerical value of these tokens represents $ 278,594,530.


Coinbase carried 10 million XRP

According to data provided to the community by the Whale Alert crypto tracker, in the past 17 hours, the Chinese-based Huobi exchange has moved about 600 million XRP tokens (around $ 273 million) in three transactions.

Transfers carrying 100 million, 200 million and 300 million XRP were made between the exchange’s internal wallets, possibly between hot and cold wallets.

Whale Alert noted in a separate tweet that a crypto wallet with an anonymous owner sent 10 million XRP to Binance. According to data from the Bythomp analytics provider, it was the Coinbase exchange.

XRP surged to $ 0.51 as ETH and BTC hit all-time highs

According to data shared by CoinMarketCap, after holding at $ 0.46 on Tuesday, XRP has now managed to rise to $ 0.53 and is trading at $ 0.51 at the time of writing.


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