Agent Smith could finally be back in Matrix 4, but in very different ways!

While one wonders if time travel will be at the heart of the intrigue of Matrix 4, new indications on the set could suggest the return of Agent Smith in the film of Lana Wachowski. If his iconic interpreter, Hugo Weaving, will not be on the poster of the project, new images indicate that Neo could become the next Agent. This theory does not seem surprising given that the character of Keanu Reeves was able during Matrix Revolutions, to assimilate his enemy during their last confrontation. Before that, in Matrix Reloaded, Agent Smith had revealed to Neo that he had part of the latter in him, this could facilitate the duplication of the formidable agent of the Matrix. In Matrix 4, Agent Smith could manifest in a resurrected Neo. According to this theory, by allowing Smith to assimilate it in Matrix Revolutions, the character of Keanu Reeves could have learned to use Smith’s own code to duplicate himself in order to deceive death.

If this were the case, Neo could have trouble controlling Agent Smith inside him, which could lead him to attack or recreate other characters like Trinity or Niobe. This would explain the return of certain key players in this fourth installment. It is also possible that Neo has become the new Matrix Agent. Fearing that Agent Smith’s share of it would have become too powerful to control, the machines would have finally entered into a truce with Neo and the humans to stop the spread of AI. From the sacrifice of the Chosen One, they may have created a restarted Neo, deciding that he would make an appropriate protector for the Matrix. Although these theories appear surprising, they would arouse amazing scriptural effects, while favoring a sinister and fearsome interpretation of Keanu Reeves, while several behind-the-scenes images teased a war within the Matrix recently.


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