Actor Matthew McConaughey has started a series of weekly videos during the Twitter quarantine titled “McConaughey Takes,” where he examines his characters in his filmography.

This week, the Oscar winner spoke about his role in Martin Scorsese’s “The Wolf of Wall Street.” McConaughey portrayed Mark Hanna, and alongside Leonardo DiCaprio he portrayed the most memorable scene in the film.

“There was only one line written – sometimes you just get a line and your imagination is fired. Mark Hanna’s text said he explains the secret of his business to Leonardo which was ‘cocaine and prostitutes’ – when I read that I said ‘If this guy really thinks that, who the hell is he?’ McConaughey said in the video. .

Matthew revealed that singing where he punches his chest while singing is an old ritual that he has used for years before recording scenes from his movies, DiCaprio suggested that using the ritual in the context of the film could be a bomb for his character. .


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