She Knows Everything is a mystery drama that takes place around a murder that occurs on a floor under reconstruction.

Kang Sung Yeon plays Lee Goong Bok, a real estate agent, and a nosy woman, while Jo Han Sun plays In Ho Cheol, a cocky veteran detective. Both characters constantly argue, but they will work together to discover the truth.

The cast of the drama also includes Park Shin Ah, Kim Do Wan, Lee Ki Hyuk, Moon Chang Gil, Jeon Soo Kyung, Woo Ji Won, Kim Ye Won, Kim Gyu Sun, and Park Hye Jin, among others.

In the first trailer, In Ho Cheol accuses Lee Goong Bok of murdering someone close to her, but she denies it. The second trailer focuses on the murder victim.

She Knows Everything, directed by Lee Dong Hyun and written by Seo Young Hee, is comprised of four episodes that will air as of July 1 on MBC.


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