John McAfee announced that the Ghost cell phone service, which can integrate the Ghost token into smartphones and make it impossible to track, will be released soon.

In April, former Bitcoin advocate John McAfee announced the newly launched anonymous focused cryptocurrency called ‘Ghost’. McAfee spoke about getting the phone tracked and getting ready to start a smartphone data service to keep people anonymous.

They Can Be Anonymous

The famous name announced another side project of the Ghost token project on Twitter. McAfee says the Ghost cell phone data service can help make everyone’s smartphones untraceable and remain anonymous.

According to McAfee, Ghost token will be fully integrated with the new product. He said that the service will work with e-SIM phones and will be released in September. The former antivirus expert said he would later share more details.

No More Bitcoin Bets

At the beginning of the year, McAfee surprised the society by calling Bitcoin an old technology and withdrew from the Bitcoin price bet that made it famous. A few years ago, McAfee said that if Bitcoin did not reach $ 1 million by the end of 2021, it would eat its own genitals on US national television. The famous name later said in a tweet on January 5 that he did not really believe in Bitcoin, only using crypto money to ‘join new users’. And he admitted that it worked.

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McAfee then started supporting privacy coins and stated that Monero (XMR) might be the best coin in the future. In April, he launched his own privacy coin Ghost, to contribute to the industry he believed to be promising.

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