We all know that although high-end processors are reported in the mobile processor market, the main ones are the middle segment processors. Because when we look at it, it is seen that the middle segment market is 9 times bigger than the flagship market. After the pandemic, the middle segment market has become more important than ever. At this point, MediaTek, one of the most important manufacturers, stands out with its new generation 5G mid-segment processors. MediaTek Helio M80, which we have been talking about for a while, is finally on display.



We see that the most important feature of the new chipset is on the modem side. Dimensity chipsets introduced by MediaTek lately did not use millimeter wave data transmission, in other words mmWave. MediaTek offers this support with the new chipset Helio M80. When I say to us, we are not Turkish users; We are talking about us in countries with 5G in their country. Because Turkey has another 20 years before something more to meet 5G.

With the new chipset, we will be able to see download speeds of up to 7.67Gbps and up to 3.76Gbps, so they will be able to see it. Previous speeds were around 4.7 Gbps and 2.5 Gbps. MediaTek has also announced that the new modem in the new generation Helio M80 supports both online (NSA) and standalone (SA) architectures, dual 5G SIM cards, both NSA and SA 5G networks, and Voice over New Radio Channels technology.


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