In the past years, people who showed up in replica phones and lower segment models, “Would it be long-lasting?”, “Does it get too hot?”, “Does it freeze?” MediaTek, which creates such questions and lags behind Qualcomm, has attracted a lot of attention lately. Actually established in Taiwan in 1997; However, the company, which has achieved many successes in the last 8 years, has managed to produce the first ten-core chip as well as the world’s first true eight-core chip. Having entered the entry segment with the Helio series, the company had powered budget-friendly devices with the Helio A and Helio P series.


MediaTek, which produces game-oriented phones that make a strong impression in the middle segment with its Helio G series, has been focusing on the Dimensity series since the beginning of this year. Dimensity is a series that includes 5G integrated middle and upper segment chips. These chips, which are cheap, powerful, and 5G supported, allow many manufacturers to introduce affordable phones. This gives strength to the company. The manufacturer becomes the industry leader, leaving behind Qualcomm with Snapdragon, the leader of the mobile chip market.

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MediaTek, which took the lead in the third quarter of the year, made approximately 100 million shipments. This led Qualcomm, with 96 million shipments, to fall to second place. Increasing its market share by 5 points, the company achieved 31% of mobile chips. Shipments of the former leader Qualcomm decreased by 2% compared to the same period of the previous year. Qualcomm stood out with a 29% market share behind MediaTek.

Apart from these, HiSilicon (Kirin), which maintains its market share of 12%, rose to third place with Samsung’s shrinkage by 4 points. Kirin, signed by Apple, Samsung and Huawei, shared the third place in the third quarter of 2020 with a market share of 12% each. Meanwhile, Apple’s market share was 11% last year.

Editor’s Note

MediaTek currently does not have a chip that can compete with the Snapdragon 888. Although leaks suggest a top-end chip is on its way, it’s unclear how far the new chip will strain the Snapdragon 888. Apart from that, yes, MTK chips get hotter than Qualcomm, they are more appealing to the entry and middle segment; but certainly not all bad. The term “garbage” in the title is an accusation that people frequently use when commenting on the MTK on social media; However, if we take a look at it, it is not every bit of a man to produce such chips. If you remember, the same things were once said for Chinese brands. Now, many people use phones of Chinese origin. Yes, MediaTek is definitely a company that deserves a lot of criticism; However, “garbage” means disregarding the effort and success in the middle.


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