Apple may include MediaTek chips in Beats headsets that it will produce in the upcoming period. Currently, it is not known which category MediaTek chips will be used.

It is known that Apple mainly uses its own designs on the chip side. On the desktop side, after the ARM move, there are Apple chips in almost the entire product range, but it also includes third-party designers from time to time.

MediaTek joins Apple ranks for the first time
According to industry sources, some components supplied by MediaTek will be included for use in Beats headsets. This is the first time MediaTek will join the Apple supply chain.

As is known, Apple bought the Beats headset brand and its supply chain a long time ago. After that period, Apple had begun to manufacture Beats headphones with H and W series chips. Where and for what purpose MediaTek chips will be used

On the other hand, Apple partnership will be an important turning point for MediaTek, which has succeeded in being the leader in the mobile chip market in the last quarter. MediaTek will naturally be in this category, as Apple generally prefers suppliers that can keep efficiency above a certain level. Since there are no headphones in the iPhone boxes, it is expected that interest in Apple and Beats brand headphones will increase in the coming period. MediaTek can make good use of this opportunity.


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