Todd McFarlane’s Spawn will join the “Kombatientes” roster next March 17 in early access for fans who bought the Kombat Pack, followed by launch for all gamers on March 24.

Saying that the arrival of Spawn to MK11 is highly anticipated falls short, since fans have been asking for the appearance of said character in the fighting games franchise for years, we can even see more closely the character in the form of an action figure shortly before his official departure in the game.

In fact, McFarlane Toys is creating a Mortal Kombat combo with a spectacular 7-inch Spawn figure based on the default skin of the same DLC character.

The figure features 22 ultra-articulating points, a base, and a Spawn accessory, the Spawn Sword.

Spawn is coming out in Mortal Kombat 11, as of March 24 we can all get it as downloadable content.

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