Meizu, who made a splash with Xiaomi and OPPO, suddenly fell silent. The company, which did not introduce a new model after the Meizu 17 model, finally got a voice. It seems that Meizu was not dead but just fell asleep. Famous for its leaks, DigitalChatStation has revealed the features of the Meizu 18 model today.



According to the DigitalChatStation, the phone will replace Qualcomm’s

Snapdragon 888 chipset, the Snapdragon 870, which is a more suitable solution. The phone, which will come with 6 GB and 8 GB RAM options on the RAM side, will be budget friendly. We will probably see a quad camera setup on the phone, which will be powered by a 4.410 mAh capacity battery with 40W fast charging support.

The leak giant DigitalChatStation also has some doubts about the new model. According to DigitalChatStation, these emerging features may not belong to Meizu 18. The leak giant notes that these features may belong to a different version of the Meizu 17. Probably will. Because the Snapdragon 870 chipset has almost the same features as the Snapdragon 865 but is cheaper.

The company needs to introduce a new flagship model. That’s why the Snapdragon 870 model that appeared in the leak may not be pointing to the new phone.

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What Meizu lived through in this process and how he will continue with his life remains a secret. It is quite thought-provoking that China’s rising star suddenly stopped and did not produce a phone. Let’s see if the Chinese company will break this silence.


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