In China, the presence of Meizu smartphones has indeed declined. It is worth noting that China-based smartphone manufacturers are slowly turning to the overseas market. However, it seems very difficult for Meizu to find a place in the domestic market from now on. We can say that the vitality of Meizu smartphones has largely disappeared due to the first strategic and marketing mistakes. If there is no suitable Meizu 18 model or any other series from now on, it looks like Meizu smartphones will really be removed from this market.



What we need to understand is that Meizu was the first manufacturer to launch a smartphone in China. And now it’s really hard to conclude whether to continue the legend or not. After all, it only launched the Meizu 17 and Meizu 17 Pro models last year.

Because the current market pressure is very high and no effort has been made for the development of Meizu smartphones. Therefore, the number of sales in the market decreased. Maybe only this way they can find a place in the market. But the development of Meizu smartphones has not stopped. Especially recently, we have heard a lot about Meizu 18. And if we believe these rumors the phone will be quite attractive and powerful.

In terms of hardware, the entire Meizu 18 series will come with a Snapdragon 888 processor using Samsung’s 5nm process technology. Compared to the latest 7nm process technology, its performance will be smoother and more stable. Battery life will also increase at a certain rate. It will have a large 4650mAh battery capacity and support for 55W super fast charging. In addition, the model, which will have a native FHD + Samsung OLED display, is also expected to support a high refresh rate of 120Hz. Let’s see if the old Meizu will be able to come back.


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