Sad news came about the new flagship model Meizu 18, which Meizu will introduce in the coming days. The phone will come without an adapter.


The successors of the Meizu 17 series will become official in a few days. The Chinese manufacturer had begun to show the characteristics of the Meizu 18 series during this period. Unfortunately, bad news came for these phones today. According to the 3C certification obtained in China, there will be no charger in the box. Meizu also confirmed the claim by making a statement on the subject after this claim.


They were protecting the environment with Meizu 18! Lie!

Meizu, like Apple, is protecting the environment, we are hiding behind the bullshit and taking the charging adapters out of the box. The main purpose here is not to protect nature or anything. When the charger adapter is removed from the box, the box of the phone becomes smaller.

In this way, the company provides great convenience on the logistics side. For example, while there will be 100 phones in a box, when the charging adapter is removed and the box is reduced, this number increases to 150 or more. So we protect the environment, please don’t believe the bullshit.

The new phones, which will be introduced on March 3, will differ from each other with their features. The main model will have Snapdragon 870, while the Pro model will have Snapdragon 888 chipset. FHD + resolution screen will be used in the main model and 2K resolution screen will be used in Pro model.

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Switching to the camera side will reveal the difference of the Pro model. The Pro will include a 48MP + 48MP + 8MP + ToF matrix module. These models, which will come with 40W fast charging support, will offer a modern look with their design and thin rimless.

Meizu, which unfortunately will not come to Turkey market price of 18 is of great importance for the company. If the prices push the $ 700 band, it will suffer a huge defeat against its rival Xiaomi. Therefore, the price band will be between $ 500-600. Let’s see if the Chinese company, which will make a comeback after years, can find what it hopes for.

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