Flyme 9, the interface to be used on the Meizu 18 model, has finally been announced. Let’s see what innovations Flyme 9 offers compared to Flyme 8.


Today, Meizu introduced its new user interface, Flyme 9, at its press conference in Zhuhai, China. As with other manufacturers, Meizu tends towards a simpler and flatter design with its new design language called Alive Design.

Flyme 9 has flatter icons and faster unlock animations than the lock screen. The new interface, which has an extremely fluid and appealing design on all pages and menus, has a new 5 × 6 layout on the main screen. Users can also customize the color, text size and thickness of the interface with new widgets.

The new interface, which has brand new live wallpapers, has been edited the notification center for easier use. Meizu, which adds a new dimension to single-handed use with its small window mode, makes it possible to keep the windows ready for use by shrinking the windows in the form of balloons. In addition to these, the system and volume controls appear in a larger way.

Also new are a new one-time permission, automatic malicious content scanning, and independent application behavior recording that monitors your apps for unusual activity. In addition, if an application uses your camera, microphone, location or other personal information, this is displayed in the notification bar with a colored icon in a way we remember from Apple.

Meizu will present the Flyme 9 user interface first as a closed beta. As of March 5, Meizu 17 users will be able to participate in the beta process. Later, the 16 series will also be included in this process. The last version is expected to meet the user in May.


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