Today, Meizu officially released its active noise canceling headset, called the Meizu POP Pro. The new headset stands out with its very affordable price of $ 77. The headset, which has almost the same design as the AirPods Pro, has a USB-C connection in the box.



In terms of noise reduction, POP Pro comes with Meizu’s new “triple hybrid active noise reduction technology”. This technology uses feed-forward and feed-back microphones as well as an in-ear structure. This technology can detect noise in many common scenes such as airplanes, subways and streets. These microphones are automatically detected according to the environment and prevent noise.

In addition, this headset has Meizu’s third-generation noise reduction algorithm. With this it provides a deep noise reduction of up to 35 decibels. POP Pro active noise reduction headset also uses a three-microphone smart call noise reduction algorithm. This eliminates the outside noise while the user is speaking.

In terms of sound quality, POP Pro comes with a custom 10mm driver. These drivers deliver powerful bass performance while also offering more detail in the mid and high frequencies.

For battery life, POP Pro active noise canceling headphones come with a charging case. With noise reduction turned off, the maximum usage time is set at 20 hours. However, if noise reduction is on, the maximum usage time drops to 13 hours.

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