Meizu gave information about future plans and projects. The legend phone Meizu 16th was a great price performance product. However, the Meizu 17 and 17 Pro models were offered for sale in the Chinese market. This introversion naturally affected the sales rates considerably. Meizu announced its new decision on flagship phones today.



In the press release, the company announced that it will now mainly lean on its flagship, produce high-end phones. Meizu will be launching the Meizu 18 series soon. However, it is not entirely clear whether it will be sold only in China or will be distributed globally. Starting this year, it will also focus on wearable technology and smart home devices.

Meizu’s smart home series is the new brand called Lipro, which was announced earlier last month. Lipro has a lot of smart products that start at under $ 10 and go up to $ 155. Meizu says the Lipro brand will also include products under the security and control categories, so we should expect the announcement of smart home cameras and smart centers in the future.

The manufacturer has a smart watch for its smart product line that will arrive this quarter as the Meizu Clock. The smartwatch will run a special operating system called Flyme for Watch. We are expecting new surprises from Meizu these days.


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