Microsoft added the feature added to Chrome to the Edge browser. According to the first reports, the newly added feature provides a significant decrease in processor and memory usage.

The Chromium-based Edge browser, which has quickly achieved a place in the browser market, continues to develop with new features.

Edge browser gets more efficient
Thanks to the tab freezing feature added to the beta version Edge browser, according to initial observations, the memory usage decreased by 32% and the processor usage decreased by 37%. However, according to Microsoft’s feedback data, test users’ battery usage has decreased significantly.

In addition, the feature that has been active since Chromium 79 does not affect the user experience by excluding the tabs that are playing media content or screen recording from the freezing process.

Moreover, Edge users will be able to set the time to wait for the tab freezing to activate as the tab is left, or configure it for hours afterwards.

According to the software giant, although there are problems in the operation of the page after freezing in some tabs for now, this situation will be corrected in the future. If desired, users can start to experience the feature by installing the Beta version of the Chromium Edge browser.


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