A video on TikTok in which the Mercedes-Benz voice assistant answered a question about the Tesla brand gained popularity. The system avoided a simple answer, but it is possible to say that the answer would be too confident to be expected from an electronic system.

When TikTok user @ kevinpr_03 asked his smart voice assistant Linguatronic what he thought of Tesla, he found the answer so compelling that he did not hesitate to record it. Linguatronic’s response to this question was: “Same as you, otherwise you wouldn’t be sitting here.”

Mercedes customers are loyal to their vehicles

It is an indisputable fact that it is a very determined and confident answer, but it is also possible to say that it is elegant enough not to humiliate the rival brand. We have no idea how these responses are prepared and added to the system. Despite this, Mercedes-Benz seems to know perfectly well what it’s talking about.

Among the vehicles traded with Tesla, two models of German origin stand out: Audi and BMW. This is an indication that Mercedes-Benz users are more loyal to the brand.

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