The MBUX Hyperscreen, which will almost completely cover the dashboard of the car it is integrated into, will first be used in the German brand’s electric sedan model EQS. Here are the details of MBUX Hyperscreen:

The German manufacturer, which introduced the innovative multimedia system called MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) for the first time in 2018, has further developed the system in the intervening period and today it is called “MBUX Hyperscreen”.

As you can see from the image above, Mercedes-Benz’s new system lives up to its name. In the statement made, it was stated that the screen in question will be the largest screen used in any mass production Mercedes-Benz model. In fact, it is possible to say that the entire console will be made of MBUX Hyperscreen because even the air vents are designed to be integrated into this glass panel.

MBUX Hyperscreen, which is 141 centimeters long from end to end and has a curved surface, actually consists of three different OLED screens. The first of the screens placed in a glass panel, developed at temperatures up to 650 degrees and subjected to various crash tests, is the digital display in front of the driver. On the screen in question, it is possible to see all the driving information about the electric vehicle where the system is installed.

At the center of MBUX Hyperscreen is a large infotainment screen. It is possible to control many functions such as air conditioning and seat settings on this screen, which allows access to navigation, media settings and other applications. Finally, in Hyperscreen, there is a special screen in front of the front passenger. The passenger can assist the driver with navigation access on this screen, while at the same time watching content such as videos. In the statement made, it was stated that it would be possible to watch television on this screen in some markets.

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MBUX Hyperscreen has a very fast learning artificial intelligence and the personalization options it offers are among the most striking features of this system. The system, in which 7 different driver profiles can be saved, learns and records the preferences of the driver. Thus, when you choose your own profile, you do not need to make any settings. In addition, the artificial intelligence in MBUX Hyperscreen can directly interfere with the vehicle’s adaptive suspension system.

Routines also play an important role in Mercedes’ MBUX Hyperscreen system. For example, if the driver is constantly calling a friend on Tuesday evenings, the system will find out and suggest to call the same person in the next step. If the driver turns on the massage or heating feature under certain conditions, it automatically suggests turning these features on when the same conditions occur. Moreover, all these suggestions are made taking into account the currently active driver profile.

An 8-core processor, 24 GB RAM and 46.5 GB / s memory bandwidth are among some of the technical features of Mercedes’ MBUX system. MBUX Hyperscreen will first be offered as an option in the German brand’s electric sedan model EQS. Then it is likely that we will see it in other models of the electric EQ family.


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