A way has been discovered to access the Xbox Game Streaming Windows app, which is not officially released yet.

Stadia-like service, which offers more than 200 games for $ 15 per month, called Xbox Game Streaming, has become operational on Windows 10 computers. On the other hand, let’s underline that this application is not officially released yet.

After the service’s 2019 beta release on Android, a Windows-specific solution was quietly leaked in late 2020. Now, thanks to Reddit and YouTube posts, a way has been discovered to access Xbox’s game streaming service on your PC. Microsoft has not yet blocked this type of access either.

According to Ars Technica, the method requires you to access and download a Windows application embedded in the Microsoft database. Then you use the one-time unlock sequence to get the application running. It is shared that these steps are simple and safe.

The leaked method seems to be based on a custom executable backend as opposed to a solution that works in web browsers. First shared by Reddit user pejamas1986 in November 2020, the method was defined as an application to be installed separately in the developer mode of the Xbox Series X | S. On the other hand, a newer post from the YouTube channel Cloud Gaming Xtreme confirmed the application and stated that the application was created with Windows 10 compatibility in mind.


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