Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition is set to be released soon with the goal of providing a better experience for gamers.

Deep Silver and 4A Games announced the future of a new version called Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition. Also, the game seems to appeal to the latest high-performance graphics cards.

The most important advantage of this version, which is stated to have various innovations, is that it has Ray Tracing Lighting Pipeline support and DLSS 2.0, which is the ray tracing version developed by A4 Games to a certain level. Users with new AMD graphics cards will also be able to benefit from this blessing, which is described as advanced ray tracing technology. Nvidia graphics cards can take advantage of additional DLSS 2.0. However, there is unfortunately no clear information about whether DirectML, which AMD offers as a competitor to DLSS technology, will be supported by Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition.

“Ray Tracing Lighting Pipeline, Metro Exodus PC Enhanced, which we pioneered with the original version of Metro Exodus, is our completely newly created Ray Tracing Lighting Pipeline, which brings a series of optimizations, upgrades and new features to the diffuse realistic lighting and ray-traced global lighting,” Deep Silver and 4A Games said in a press release. Edition. In addition, an upgraded application of our powerful Temporal Reconstruction technology is ready to further increase resolution, visual details and performance. ”

Introduced in Enhanced Edition
Full ray traced lighting (Every light source in the game will have ray tracing)
New generation ray tracing and noise reduction
New generation Temporal Reconstruction technology
Global illumination with per-pixel ray tracing support
DirectX 12 Ultimate support
GPU FP16 support and optimized shadows
4K textures
Oscillatory surfaces with ray tracing shading
Enhanced ray traced reflections (PC Enhanced Edition only)
DLSS 2.0 support (PC Enhanced Edition only)
Bug fixes
Note that these innovations are not an upgrade for Metro Exodus. This will not be released as a patch as there are many new additional features at the core of the new version. Instead, it will be free for all Metro Exodus owners available on the Epic Games Store, Steam and GOG, and will be available as a separate version of the game.

It is worth mentioning that Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition will be released for hardware with ray tracing technology. Because the game is full of completely revamped ray tracing and updates that require high graphics cards. In addition, the option to turn off ray tracing optionally may not be offered in this version, which is planned to be released. This means that you cannot open the game on a GPU that does not support ray tracing technology. In the announcement, information about this issue has already been given. Additionally, software-assisted ray tracing may not work in this game on Nvidia GTX graphics cards.

Besides Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition details; 4A Games also announced that the regular Metro Exodus will come to both Mac and Linux. The future of Metro Exodus for these operating systems has already been promised. The Mac version will be released in March 2021, while the Linux version will be released at a later date.

It should also be noted that this new version will come for the Xbox Series X – S and Playstation 5. In general, all the innovations in the version that will be released to the PC are also available on the console, but there are no advanced reflections due to DLSS and ray tracing.


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