For many gamers the announcement of ‘Metroid Dread‘ during the Nintendo Direct that came out during E3 came as a surprise. While many were expecting some ‘Metroid Prime 4’ news, Nintendo instead gave us a preview of a new 2D title that looks very promising.

If you are a fan of video games, you may have thought that you have already heard the name ‘Metroid Dread‘. Well, surely you had heard it, because it was discovered that this title of ‘Metroid‘, with name and everything, had already been announced for almost 16 years.


The story of ‘Metroid Dread‘ dates back to the June 2005 issue of Game Informer magazine. This showed a list of the titles that Nintendo would launch on its consoles at that time: Gamecube, Nintendo DS and Gameboy Advance.

In the list below the Nintendo DS we can see the name ‘Metroid Dread‘. The magazine received the information on these games as part of a press release from Nintendo prior to E3. Back then they described the game as a new 2D title that would be in the same vein as ‘Metroid Fusion’.

However, when E3 2005 arrived, Nintendo announced a first-person title called ‘Metroid Prime Hunters‘, while Dread was forgotten, there were even those who thought it was a mistake on the part of the magazine. For this, the journalist Craig Harris came out to say that Dread was real and was in the documents that Nintendo sent, but that perhaps they had made a mistake by announcing it so early.


For years there was no more talk of ‘Metroid Dread‘, more than a small easter egg in ‘Metroid Prime 3‘, so many thought it was a myth. But at a recent Nintendo Treehouse Live, producer Sakamoto Yoshio confirmed that the concept of ‘Metroid Dread‘ was born 15 years ago.

In the end, Nintendo decided to cancel the project because they felt that the technology of the moment would not allow them to take the concept where they wanted. However, years later, with the remake of ‘Samus Returns‘ for 3DS, Nintendo was surprised by the work of Mercury Steam Entertainment, the company with which they developed that title.

Mercury Steam Entertainment came to Nintendo with a pitch for a remake of ‘Metroid Fusion’ in 2017. Although they did not make a remake of Fusion, Sakamoto felt that the team members showed great love and knowledge of the saga so he decided to work with them to create ‘Samus Returns’, a critical and financial success for the company.

Nintendo was so surprised that he asked them to work with them again to finally bring ‘Metroid Dread‘ to life. According to Sakamoto, this collaboration allowed them to create a game that “even exceeds the ideas we had 15 years ago.” The title will finally arrive on the Nintendo Switch this October 8 and it seems that we will be facing a new great adventure of Samus made by true connoisseurs of the saga.


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