Mexico News; A lawmaker in Mexico will propose a legal framework for regulating crypto assets.



If the bill is passed, Mexico will be the last to join the fast-growing Latin American countries to adopt Bitcoin.

Eduardo Murat Hinojosa, a member of the Mexican legislature, said he will propose a legal framework for crypto assets in the House of Representatives (the lower house of the country’s government). With this flash development from Mexico, the effort to put cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, in the legal framework can turn into a competition in a short time.

Hinojosa wore “laser eyes” on Twitter to show his support for the cryptocurrency.

Indira Kempis Martinez, a senator from the Nuevo León region, also joined the majority.

Latin American countries seem to be rushing to adopt Bitcoin after El Salvador President Nayib Bukele announced his plan to legalize the cryptocurrency, a first for any nation-state.

A possible legal status of Bitcoin in Latin American countries will enable it to be tested in the real usage area on a country-wide scale. This will be an important development for other countries to be accepted as an example for the legal status of cryptocurrencies. As is known, there are various policies followed by countries regarding cryptocurrencies, as in Turkey, but countries have not yet established a common legal framework.

Following the example of the small tropical nation, politicians from Paraguay, Panama, Argentina, Brazil and Colombia are also among the countries to jump on the Bitcoin train.


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