Ricardo Salinas Pliego, president of Holding Grupo Salinas and the second richest man in Mexico, announced in an interview with Cointelegraph that he bought his first Bitcoin for $ 200 in 2013. According to the billionaire, this was his “best investment ever.”

After holding it to 2017’s highs, the billionaire, who sold all of his positions for $ 17,000, later bought it again at a cheap price. The billionaire joked about his buyback, saying “We always go back to the crime scene.”

The Mexican billionaire now holds about 10% of his liquid portfolio in BTC and is not planning to sell any of them anytime soon. Salinas wants to wait another five or 10 years.

Salinas, who was initially interested in Bitcoin as a medium of exchange, is now fully convinced of the value store features of Bitcoin potential.

According to Salinas, Bitcoin’s properties are very attractive in Latin American economies where the fiat currency is falling in value and inflation is common. Salinas also points out that Bitcoin is a natural consequence of the evolution of money from physical to digital.


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