Eleven years ago, and perhaps even more so, the King of Pop succumbed to a sedative cocktail administered by his personal physician Conrad Murray. After one of the most mediatic trials in history, Murray was sentenced to four years in prison for involuntary manslaughter, but after serving half his sentence he was released from prison as part of a California plan to “reduce overcrowding” in prisons.

Far from considering this succession of events as a closed case, the book “Objective: Michael Jackson” by the writer Concha Calleja, published a few months ago, delves into the shadows of this death that shocked the world. Graduated in History and Judicial Expert in Criminology, Forensic Psychology and Criminal Profiles, Calleja began to investigate Jacko after studying her personal relationship with Lady Di, which was the subject of another of her volumes.

In his book, Calleja recounts one of the most chilling moments of the Conrad Murray trial, a statement by Michael’s son Prince, who claimed that the night before he died, his father received a phone call and hanging up he went downstairs screaming: “They are going to kill me!”

Her son was not the only one to witness similar episodes. One of Michael’s sisters, La Toya, claimed that he told her several times that he had been threatened with death. “She said she was sure they were going to kill her. I was very scared. She truly feared for her life. I would have thought the same instead.

La Toya went on to say these things live on CNN, in an interview with journalist Piers Morgan. “My brother was killed by the people who controlled her life,” she said. «They are people who get into your life, they manage to sneak to the bottom. And they end up controlling, manipulating, managing your funds, your finances, and everything you have. And you also have to do everything they tell you. That is what was happening to Michael, and he knew that everything that was happening to him was not fair or correct. It just wasn’t right, and it disturbed him greatly.

Michael’s sister was making very serious accusations, and although she did not give names, everyone thought of AEG Live, the promoter who had hired the King of Pop to give forty concerts in London, and who was brought to trial for his death. The problem is that she had lost her credibility because of the statements she had made on the subject of her brother’s pedophilia, so contradictory that no one paid any attention to what she had to say about alleged conspiracies to assassinate Michael.

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“I must confess that this is very difficult for me, because Michael is my brother and I love him deeply, but I cannot and do not want to be a silent collaborator of his crimes against innocent and young children”, he said in a surprising press conference in Israel in 1993, in which he revealed that he knew all about Michael’s abuse of the children he invited to his Neverland ranch. If I kept quiet, it would only fuel the guilt and humiliation those children feel now. I have seen checks made out of large sums of money by Michael Jackson to the parents of those children, “the artist continued before the astonished journalists. «This is the first time that I speak about it, I have never wanted to talk about it, but I think it is very sad because I am also a victim, I know what it feels like: these children are going to be scared the rest of their lives and not I want to see no other innocent children affected in this way. I love my brother very much, but that’s wrong, I don’t want to see those children suffer because I also suffered, my father sexually abused me ».

When the media storm was generated by her words, La Toya did dozens of interviews in the press and on television to continue denouncing the abuses her brother was committing. But then, the entire Jackson family came to the defense of their prodigal son and accused La Toya of seeking fame and money at the cost of humiliating Michael. Patriarch Joe Jackson claimed that La Toya’s manager and husband, Jack Gordon (who paradoxically had been hired by Joe to take care of his daughter), had manipulated her to accuse Michael and take advantage of it.

In 2014, shortly after divorcing Gordon, La Toya returned to the family fold and said: “My brain was completely brainwashed. I felt like a robot. Gordon hit me, I made all the decisions of my career…. He made me say all the things he wanted during the interviews ».

Was LaToya lying when she said her brother was a pedophile? Or was he lying when he retracted that accusation? Perhaps her statements were completely contradictory, but time eventually revealed that her first claims about Michael’s sexual abuse were not so false. And although AEG Live was acquitted, perhaps neither were her words when she claimed that Michael knew she was going to be killed.

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