Tech giants like Microsoft, Amazon, and Google seem to want to buy some big game studios. Sony, Facebook and EA are also said to want to buy some studios.

Last year, one of the biggest news was Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda’s studio Zenimax. However, the latest rumor shows that other large companies are also pursuing such purchases.

Journalist Brad Sams talked about some rumors on YouTube recently. He said that Amazon has stated that Google and Microsoft are looking to buy some major game studios. He said three names are currently targets, although he does not specifically name them.

It was a known fact that Microsoft already wanted to buy a game studio, but it seems that Amazon and Google are also in this race. In fact, according to Brad Sams, not only these names but also Facebook, Sony and Electronic Arts are considering buying a game studio. Electronic Arts also bought Codemasters, the developer of racing games such as F1 and Dirt, in the past weeks.

Facebook, Sony and Electronic Arts are not as ambitious as other names, but Amazon, Google and Microsoft are said to be trying to buy studios that will at least have the impact of the Bethesda acquisition. You can watch the mentioned video below.


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