19 security companies, tech companies and a nonprofit group led by big names like Microsoft and McAfee have taken a new step in security. They announced that they plan to form a new coalition to deal with the increasing ransomware threats.

First of all, to talk about ransomware, malware that can lock a device or encrypt its contents to withdraw money from its owner is called ransomware.

Ransomware attacks are increasing, especially with the widespread use of electronic payment systems and online shopping. Users cannot solve this issue on their own. Of course, they resort to security experts in such situations. However, independent companies can offer different advice and solutions that are far from the solution of this issue. That’s why large companies aim to provide a standard framework based on industry consensus.

Microsoft, McAfee and big companies will work together!

19 companies, led by Microsoft and McAfee companies, will focus on evaluating solutions that provide protection during a ransomware script, a group called the Ransomware Task Force (RTF), the “Fight Against Ransomware Force”.

RTF will try to find partners in the solution by evaluating its expert resources on the subject and involving stakeholders in the sector. If there are gaps in existing solutions, they will be identified and a report will be prepared on how to fill them. Work will be done on a common roadmap to address all problems among members. The establishment purpose and objectives of the company are listed in this way. To put it simply, the team that will ensure that the users do not have problems will determine what the possible problems are caused by and try to fill these gaps.

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The full list of companies to be in the RTF group is as follows:

Aspen Digital (policy-making group)
Citrix (network equipment vendor)
The Cyber ​​Threat Alliance (cybersecurity industry sharing group)
Cybereason (security firm)
The CyberPeace Institute (nonprofit organization helping victims of cyber attacks)
The Cybersecurity Coalition (policy-making group)
The Global Cyber ​​Alliance (nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing cyber risk)
The Institute for Security and Technology (policy-making group)
McAfee (security firm)
Microsoft (security firm)
Rapid7 (security firm)
Resilience (cyber insurance provider)
SecurityScorecard (compliance and risk management)
Shadowserver Foundation (nonprofit security organization)
Stratigos Security (cyber security consultancy)
Team Cymru (threat intelligence)
Third Way (think tank)
UT Austin Stauss Center (research group)
Venable LLP (law firm)
Cyber ​​security is becoming as important as the security of the country. Earlier we saw that the theft of more than 50 million people by Turkey’s credentials. We hope that technology and security companies in our country will do a similar study very soon.


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