Those who like Bing’s image curation, but are not a fan of the alternative search engine about to download and use the application, have won an official alternative for Android. That’s because Microsoft has officially made a service called Bing Wallpapers available on the Google Play Store.

As the name already suggests, the app brings together the collection of beautiful images that you find every day on the Bing homepage, but now on the background of your tablet or smartphone.

The photo is automatically updated daily and provides additional information about the creation, where the location of the click is and who the photographer was, including a narrative about the setting of the image. The feature also optimally supports landscape mode, if the device is horizontal.

If you prefer, you can use the filters to choose specific colors, categories and locations, in addition to using Bing search without needing the search engine application.

The application is free and is already on the Google Play Store, and a Windows version was released some time ago. For now, however, Bing Wallpapers has not been made available to all regions and appears to be exclusive to the United States.


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