Microsoft finally caught up with Apple. Microsoft is worth over $2 billion. Even the rumors of Windows 11 made the company smile.


Software giant Microsoft will launch with Windows 11 on June 24. The company, which could not prevent Windows 11 from leaking to the internet as an ISO file, managed to turn this situation in its favor. Windows 11 rumors carried the company’s value to over $ 2 billion. We can say that Microsoft is the biggest competitor to Apple with this increase in value.

Microsoft surpasses the $2 billion band

Microsoft shares have grown almost continuously this year, reaching $265.5 per share today. Although the stock growth rate was 1.1 percent during the day, the total value suddenly exceeded 2 billion dollars. So the software giant is now almost as valuable as Nvidia, Samsung, Visa and Tesla combined.

Even the rumors of Windows 11 were enough to make the software giant the 2nd most valuable brand. The Apple front could not meet the expectations with the new software it introduced at the last WWDC 21 event. Now June 24 is of great importance. If Windows 11 promises a technology beyond expectations, we can say that Microsoft will leave Apple behind in a short time.

We are used to the fact that the most valuable companies in the world are technology companies. However, this market, which suddenly swells, promises its investors a future for the coming periods. It’s pretty surprising that Microsoft is worth even more than Nvidia, Samsung, Visa and Tesla combined. If the software giant has grown this much despite not being in the phone industry, we cannot imagine the income they will generate when they return to the phone business.

We think that the Xbox arm was also effective in this increase in Microsoft’s value. Xbox, which does not let its rivals breathe especially with its Game Pass service, continues to get stronger day by day with the management of Phil Spencer. Even in Sony’s homeland, Japan, the Xbox Series X/S is currently being sold in a scramble manner. If Apple does not do something about this situation, we think that Microsoft will take the title of the most valuable company by the end of 2022.


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