Microsoft started testing a new feature in the Chromium-based internet browser Edge. This tested feature involves changing the icons in the links shown on the new tab page. Microsoft will provide users with a more stylish Edge experience with the new design.

US-based technology giant Microsoft is on the agenda with its recent work on Chromium-based new internet browser Edge and Windows 10. The company is currently working on application icons, especially some of them, and even some of these icons are being used actively in Windows 10. Now the company seems to be continuing its new icon work on Edge.

Chromium-based Edge has a very different design than the internet browsers Microsoft has released to date. The company promises a much more modern and faster experience by switching to Chromium infrastructure and tries to impress users in terms of appearance. The new icons that the company started testing on Edge are also a clear indication of this.

Here are the new icons that Microsoft started testing on Edge

When you log into Microsoft’s Edge browser or open a new tab, the Microsoft site offers some recommended links. These are usually Microsoft’s own services and can be customized. Now, Microsoft has made some changes to the new tab page in Edge. This change promises a more stylish look to users.

The change made to Edge’s new tab page is clearly visible in the image above. The company has replaced the large and opaque rectangular boxes with a more transparent structure. In this way, the background of the icons can be displayed and a clearer design structure is provided. It is currently unknown when this feature, which is being tested, will be available to all users.


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