After investing millions in the service and to everyone’s surprise, Microsoft has announced that Mixer closes in a month. On July 22, the streaming platform that sought to compete with Twitch will close completely and will move all its partners to Facebook Gaming. Likewise, eSports superstars with whom they had millionaire agreements to broadcast exclusively, will be able to do it again on any platform.

Competing with Twitch, which already has a much more established market, is not easy. Microsoft acquired the service in 2016 under the name of Beam and after redesigning the brand, began betting on it this past year, taking over big names in the industry such as the famous Ninja streamer from Fortnite. Through exclusive contracts, it has managed to attract users from Twitch or YouTube Gaming, but it seems that not enough.

Agreement with Facebook to transfer streamers and partners

So that Mixer’s exit is not so hard, Microsoft has reached an agreement with Facebook through which a transition will be made from the big names of Mixer to Facebook Gaming. In the coming weeks, streamers will be able to choose to broadcast on Facebook Gaming (or if they want they are free to go to other platforms) and Microsoft’s partners in terms of advertisers will become so with Facebook.

Starting next July 22, all Mixer pages and apps will redirect to Facebook Gaming. On the other hand, Mixer users who have some type of balance, credit or purchases on the platform, will be exchanged for gift cards on Xbox.

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In exchange for what does Microsoft do this? According to The Verge, it is a strategic decision to integrate the future xCloud gaming service into Facebook Gaming. Viewers will be able to directly access a game they are watching from Facebook Gaming to play it in the cloud. As Phil Spencer comments to The Verge:

“When we think of xCloud and the opportunity to unlock the game for 2 billion players, we know that it will be very important for our services to find large audiences and Facebook clearly gives us that opportunity.”

In short, Microsoft Mixer as we know it will disappear in exactly a month. Instead, users can choose to migrate to Facebook Gaming or go to other platforms such as Amazon’s Twitch or Google’s YouTube Gaming. Further proof that for many millions invested and no matter how large one is, settling in a new market where there are already other great competitors is not an easy task.

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